Replacing a tooth is independent to restoring function of missing tooth, its not about aesthetics , maintaining the alignment of surrounding teeth , gums and facial structure also(cuntour) restore your  million dollar  smile.

Reason why you shouldn’t be nervous about Implant surgery :-

Implant is made up of titanium metal which is completely bio-compatible and embededin natural bone with greatest affinity and makes it conecting with surrounding bone and promote new bone formation around over the time.

Exactly what are Dental Implants ?

Revolution in dentistry in form of dental implants nature gives us two times for eruption of teeth in life time. First childhood teeth or you can say decidous teeth and second time adolecea teeth are permanent teeth but decidous teeth replace by permanent tooth naturally but permanent tooth don’t have natural replacement option. But the modern dentistry , Dentist can replace by placing implant which looks more likely to your natural teeth in aesthetic function in this way anyone can get back their missing toothby this procedure. Required proper care and maintainance it will be long lasting life time natural teeth.

By this anyone can replace one or many or all missing tooth.


Dr Barkha Rathi

Dr. Barkha Rathi , B.D.S ,MISOI , Implantologist.

Why dental implant work so well ?

Why dental implant work so well in aesthetic function looks like natural teeth with proper care it remains lifetime replacement of missing tooth by dental implant help to prevent function bone loss rather preserve underlying bone structure and facial contour maintain architecture of safe. It gives the reason to smile again with full swing.

Is it costly ?

Is it costly yes for a while it seems it is little expensive but it gives value for money. Lifetime return for money with interest in terms of good health with proper mastication or chewing efficiency proper digestion of food.


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