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Our Implant Course is designed specially for dentist who wish to incorporate dental implant into their clinical practice. You will learn simple techniques from the stage of treatment planning, surgical placement of implant to restorative treatment thereon in a low stress fashion. This course will guide you how to identify & avoid pitfall & potential problems that may arise to prepare you for simple implant cases in your own practice.

The goal of modern dentistry is to restore the patients smile & bite to facilitate normal function, achieve comfort & maintain esthetics. However more the missing teeth, the more challenging this goal becomes with conventional dentistry. Osseo integration has provided an extra edge in achieving precision, perfection & patient satisfaction.

  • 1. Patient SelectionUnderstanding the critical process of patient selection is the foundation for successful fix dentistry. Participants will discuss the criteria for ideal candidates, taking into account factors such as oral health, bone density, and systemic conditions. This module emphasizes the need for a thorough evaluation to ensure successful implant outcomes.
  • 2. Treatment PlanningThis module delves into the intricate art of treatment planning, guiding participants through the evaluation of diagnostic records, radiographs, and patient expectations. The discussion will include the selection of implant systems and the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific needs.
  • 3. Surgical Protocols & sterilization ProtocolsParticipants will learn about essential surgical protocols such as aseptic techniques, proper instrumentation, and sterilization standards. Understanding and following these protocols is critical for minimizing complications and maintaining sterile conditions during embed surgeries.
  • 4. Hands OnHands-on sessions will allow participants to practice embed placement techniques on models. This practical component reinforces theoretical knowledge and serves as a platform for improving surgical skills under the supervision of experienced instructors.
  • 5. Post-operative MaintenanceExplore the critical phase of post-operative care and maintenance. Participants will learn how to monitor healing, manage complications, and develop a strong post-operative maintenance plan to ensure the long-term success of implantation restorations.
  • 6. Problem SolvingThis module prepares participants to navigate and troubleshoot common challenges in fix dentistry. Participants will learn problem-solving strategies necessary for successful embed practices, such as managing complications and adapting to unexpected scenarios.
  • 7. Additional Topics
    Single State surgery Incorporate & marketing in your Practice Explore advanced topics like single-stage surgery techniques and how to effectively incorporate and market best dentistry in your practice. This segment discusses streamlining procedures and attracting patients to improve the overall success of an implant-focused practice.
  • 8. Patient Modules
    All patients to be screened before selection for  Placement. Understand how embed patient education and screening are to the success of implant procedures. This module focuses on carefully screening patients before embedplacement to ensure they are well-informed and suitable candidates. Following a successful 3-month integration period, participants will be guided through the restoration phase by prosthetic modules..

    This extensive curriculum is intended to provide dental professionals with a comprehensive understanding of including patient selection, treatment planning, surgical protocols, hands-on practice, post-operative care,
    problem-solving, and advanced topics for a well-rounded skill set. The patient modules ensure a patient-centered approach, which promotes ethical and successful practices.

  • The most comprehensive & complete starter course
  • Full surgical & prosthetic protocol
  • Patient Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment planning
  • Implant Aesthetics
  • Laboratory aspects
  • Management of Complication in treatment
  • Maintenance & follow up

Faculty Member


Live Surgical & prosthetic Demonstration The participant can bring his/her own patient & can charge the patient if desires with the consent of the facility. The participant will have the option of mutually fixing with the facility to conduct a surgery excluding the module time when the agreed-upon price.  the surgical kit will be provided.


Course consists of 4 Modules. (Each Module – 2 days.)
(2nd Module after 1 months & other 3 months)

Course Fees & Payment Option