Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Advance Dental Hospital , Nagpur

Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Advance Dental Hospital , Nagpur

Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Advance Dental Hospital , Nagpur
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  • A patient has reported to the ADVANCE DENTAL HOSPITAL age 65 years , suffered from generalized attrition , abrassion and deeply carries tooth , worn_down & unchipped teeth.
  • He has not received regular dental care in past and he was facing pain and sensitivity.

Oral Examination

  • Revealed extensive wear and chipping teeth as well as multiple areas of decay and missing tooth.
  • Flaring of upper and lower anterior due to severe tounge thrust.

Treatment Plan

  • Involve deep cleaning , filling and RCT of multiple tooth.
  • To restore down his bite , full coverage crowns for the affected area advised.


  •  Restored to a healthy and functional state.
  • Bite correction done.
  • Smile correction done.
  • Patient pleased with the overall result.


Ful Mouth Rehabilitaion (FMR) is a complex and multi disciplinary treatment that requires the expertise of multiple dental problem.

  • The goal of this treatment is not only restore the function of aesthetic of the teeth but also to improve the overall oral health and quality of life of patient.
  • It is often recommended for patient with extensive dental problems such as worn , broken or missing teeth and can involve a combination of restortative , cosmetic and surgical procedures.
All clinical procedure are performed by Dr Parinita Priya under the guidace of Dr Harish Rathi
I am very happy with the efforts taken by team of ADVANCE DENTAL HOSPITAL and specially by Dr Parinita Priya.
Thanks to all, am very happy and satisfied , blessings for all.
Rajbhau upadhyay
Retired officer.

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