To obtain a Dental License is by examination. To do this, one must first submit to a Fingerprint Criminal Records Check. One must also complete the Jurisprudence Assessment as given by the SBDE (State Board of Dental Examiners). In addition to a diploma or degree from an accredited Dental Association dental school and proper identification, one must complete one exam. The exam can be provided by the Western Regional Examining board, the Central Regional Dental Testing Service, the Northeast Regional Board, the Southern Regional Testing Agency, or the Council of Interstate Testing Agencies.

By credentials is another way to obtain a Dental License in Texas. Applicants have to obtain a Level II background information report processed by the Professional Background Information Service, or PBIS. One must also provide proof of graduation from an accredited dental school as well as complete the American Dental Association Nation Boards, both parts I and II. Applicants must also provide proof of their general dentistry clinical examine and whatever post graduate training is available. Also provide paperwork pertaining to any state where you previously held a dental license and information on any place of dental employment or practice.

By foreign graduation is the final way to qualify for a Dental License. In addition to the background check and SBDE Jurisprudence Assessment required for License by Examination, any applicant for a Texas Dental License who has previously had an application in a foreign country must also adhere to special requirements. The applicant must provide proof of his graduation from a dental school (submitted in English). The applicant must also complete training in program designated by the American Dental Association and accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation which includes at least two years of training.