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We have a very efficient team of skilled doctors & sisters, who are well trained & dedicated to work. Thus their work is divided equally amongst all & at the end successful result is achieved in relatively lesser time.
To ensure superlative treatment to patients we have constituted three teams of our doctor & staff. Each team is lead by a senior doctor. Thus the teams have competitive spirit & also work together while sharing the treatment plan. One of team is awarded periodically based on the evaluation of the performance.
Retention of employees is very high. 4-5 employees are working with us since 20 years & about 10 employees are working since 10 years. Namely….
Dr. Harish Rathi : He is a practicing Orthodontist n doing implants for the last 30 years, attained reputation of one of the successful dentist in central India, providing satisfactory dental treatment to his patients and leading team of qualified experts assisted by well trained Staff.
Dr. Nakul Rathi : A young qualified Implantologist in central India , after his post graduation and training at Ohio State University in Prosthodonist joined this clinic and attained reputation of expert Implantolosist in a very short time, during a short tenure of even two months he has completed 60 implants with four full mouth implants to the full satisfaction of patients.
Sr. No. Name of the Doctors Qualification Experience

1 Dr. Deepti Gattani M.D.S. Periodontics 12 YEARS
2 Dr. Sandhya Lohakare M.D.S. Orthodontics 12 YEARS
3 Dr. Suryakant Singh M.D.S Pedodontics 3 YEARS
4 Dr. Gaurav Jaiswal M.D.S Prosthodontics 5 YEARS
5 Dr. Vidya Meshram B.D.S 12 YEARS
6 Dr. Payal Gandhi B.D.S 12 YEARS
7 Dr. Barkha Rathi B.D.S 10 YEARS
8 Dr. Vinay Vaidya B.D.S 10 YEARS
9 Dr. Shreyasi Gidwani B.D.S 5 YEARS
10 Dr. Kaajal Lalwani B.D.S 5 YEARS
11 Dr. Priti Kopulwar B.D.S 5 YEARS
12 Dr. Debhashree Chandak B.D.S 5 YEARS
13 Dr. Shweta Bhuthada B.D.S 5 YEARS
14 Dr. Mohit Rao B.D.S 5 YEARS
15 Dr. Alok Purohit B.D.S 3 YEARS
16 Dr. Karishma Nechani B.D.S 2 YEARS
17 Dr. Lavina Daswani B.D.S 2 YEARS
18 Dr. Shatrupa Bag B.D.S 3 YEARS
19 Dr. Tushar Mohta B.D.S 1 YEAR
Fellowship to Doctors:
Fellowship is awarded to the dentists, who have worked with us for a period of at least one year. In our practice of last 35 years the number of such fellows is more than 500.
Sr. No. Name of the Paramedical Staff Association with ADH

1 Aasha Dasar 20 Years
2 Sunita Thombare 15 Years
3 Swati Ambade 15 Years
4 Savitri Tripathi 15 Years
5 Vaishali Totade 15 Years
6 Shobha Aware 08 Years
7 Vandana Patil 07 Years
8 Meena Patil 07 Years
9 Chanda Rangeda 06 Years
10 Alka Khandare 06 Years
11 Nilu Thapa 12 Years
12 Gorelal Udapure 13 Years
13 Prakash Kumbhare 14 Years
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